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May open for student on August 24, 2020.. 

This is constantly evolving, and can change at any time!! 

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We miss seeing the kids everyday, and hopefully these resources can serve as a reminder that we are still here, we believe in them, and that their academic success and growth is still a priority please visit for updates 

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The people behind Miley Achievement Center:

Joanne M. Vattiato

Tia Taymar
Assistant Principal

Ms. Vattiato is a native New Yorker and has lived in Las Vegas for 20 years. She started her career in education as a specialized programs teacher assistant and has worked in various positions within the Clark County School District. Most recently, Ms. Vattiato was a Director of Special Education.

Ms. Taymar has been working in the field of education for over 16 years. She began her career teaching violence prevention classes at UNLV. She then became Special Education Teacher. She is honored to be the Assistant Principal at Miley Achievement Center.